Custom Joinery

Shopfitting solutions for commercial, hospitality and retail projects.

Australian Made Custom Joinery

With 30 years of business operation, Ramvek has the expertise to provide high quality craftsmanship in timber and cabinet joinery with the reputation to prove it.

Home is where you can truly let your personality shine through, which is often reflected in the aesthetics and layout of your personal spaces.

The implementation of custom residential joinery in your space can inject your home with design motifs that reflect what you love while also improving the functional layout of your home.

Ramvek delivers quality construction, design, and fitout projects throughout Australia, primarily for clients within the commercial, hospitality, retail, and residential sectors.

To learn more about our residential joinery and fitout services, our process, and how we provide ongoing support and maintenance, read on.

Highly Specialised & Quality Custom Joinery

Custom joinery is a highly specialised area of woodworking that involves the construction of cabinets, cupboards, and other types of storage units. Joinery is often the most vital part of the retail & commercial fit-out process and our team at Ramvek has extensive experience and capability to deliver quality joinery for your next project.

Throughout our history as a company, we have delivered a large variety of shopfitting projects, working across many industry sectors ranging from small cafes to large office fit-outs to high-end boutiques.

We understand what it takes to deliver the highest-quality joinery that meets the specific needs of our clients. Our clients have often commented that Ramvek is the only company they have worked with that has the expertise to undertake projects of the highest complexity 

If you are looking for quality cabinet or timber joinery for your next retail or commercial space, contact Ramvek today for a chat, and working with you we will determine the best way to achieve your project brief. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

We Provide Quality Joinery Construction for a Range of Clients

Thanks to our expansive 5000m2 facility in Melbourne, we have the space and the means to produce custom joinery to meet the specific needs and desires of our clients. Our clients include retail and luxury retail, commercial office spaces, hospitality, and residential.

We undertake a strict quality control process, ensuring all custom joinery items are manufactured to the highest standards. Because we can custom-design each component, we’re able to offer gorgeous bespoke designs that are optimised to provide more space and better flow for your home.

With a team of highly skilled and qualified joiners, as well as designers, metalworkers, construction workers, carpenters, and project managers, we can deliver the residential fitout you’re looking for.

End-To-End Residential Joinery Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a complete fitout solution, refurbishments, or looking to have some additional joinery work done, Ramvek is there for you every step of the way.

We offer end-to-end residential joinery solutions, from initial ideation and design to the final build and construction. We’ll guide you through any town planning requirements, ensure that your fitout complies with necessary zoning laws, and secure necessary building permits.

After the job is done, we can continue to support you with post-installation maintenance. You can learn more about our residential joinery maintenance further down on this page.

Pink Booth with Custom Joinery
Retail Custom Joinery

Providing Commercial Joinery Services Across Australia

Ramvek’s combination of in-house experience offers our clients an all-rounded service that includes design, project management, estimating, joinery production, joinery manufacture, metalwork, paint finishing, construction, and International procurement and ongoing maintenance. With Ramvek, you can be sure you have the perfect shopfitting partner to deliver any project – big or small.

Ramvek offers an all-rounded service that includes project management, metalwork, paint finishing, construction, design, International procurement and manufacturing program and maintenance. We provide commercial joinery services across Australia in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Maintenance Of Residential Joinery

Our services don’t just end when a residential fitout is complete. We’re dedicated to ensuring your space stays in great condition. Ramvek offers follow-up maintenance to your residential joinery work and overall fitout as needed.

If desired, we can also make changes to your space with additional refurbishments and new joinery work. Such joinery work can include cabinets, bars, kitchen upgrades, feature ceilings, façade elements, and more.

Our team offers comprehensive maintenance and aftercare services if any of our installations require them, ensuring a longer lifespan for your residential fitout.

Australian Joinery Workshop

We’ll Tailor a Residential Joinery Concept For Your Specific Space

No matter the shape or size of your residential space, we can custom-design all joinery and construction components to match your desired result.

It all starts with Project Appreciation, where we sit down with you and find out exactly what you want from the project – a refurbishment, additions, or a complete top-to-bottom residential fitout for a specific space or entire premises.

From there, we put together a concept design using intricately detailed 3D models. We then make incremental changes based on your feedback until we land on the design that matches your vision.

Once the final design has been approved, we move forward with securing the necessary permits and providing you with detailed documentation that summarises the cost and timeframes for project completion.

Leading Brands & Organisations Trust Ramvek For Joinery Services

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Why Choose Ramvek for Your Next Residential Joinery Project?

Since 1998, Ramvek has delivered an extensive range of commercial and residential fitouts to clients across the country. Our talented team of qualified joiners have custom-built thousands of varied designs to match the needs of our fantastic clients.

We’ve designed and constructed fitouts for major brands and residential builders, including the likes of Kathmandu, Myer, T2, Target, Koko Black, and many more. Check out the residential fitout we put together for Visioneer to see what’s possible with a residential joinery project.

Ramvek adheres to core values that inform our processes and ensure we deliver you the final fitout you want. These values include going the extra mile for our customers, being open and transparent, taking accountability for our actions, and celebrating successes along the way.

Whatever your vision for your residential fitout may be, Ramvek can help you make that vision a reality.

We’re based in Melbourne, but provide our services across Australia, including in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth.

Learn more about us or get in touch today to start your residential joinery project.

Our Latest Joinery Articles

Joinery FAQs

Joinery is a part of woodworking that involves combining pieces of wood or lumber, to produce more complex items. This combination can range from furniture and fixtures to the structural elements of a building.

In the context of a residential fitout, custom joinery often refers to bespoke, built-in solutions like cabinetry, shelving, wardrobes, and other similar items. These are usually designed to fit the exact dimensions and style of the room, providing a seamless look and making efficient use of the available space.

At Ramvek, we take great pride in offering excellent joinery services as part of our comprehensive fitout solutions. Our skilled craftsmen combine traditional techniques with modern technology to create high-quality, and durable cabinetry and shelving.

Investing in custom joinery brings several key benefits:

Bespoke Design: 

Tailored to your unique style and requirements, custom joinery delivers pieces that seamlessly blend with your space, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Space Optimisation: 

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, custom joinery can be designed to perfectly fit challenging spaces, ensuring efficient use of your room’s dimensions, thus maximising functionality.

Quality and Value: 

Crafted with superior materials and meticulous attention to detail, custom joinery ensures durable, high-quality pieces. This customisation not only offers a better return on investment over time but can also increase the overall value of your property.

The key lies in the flexibility to design furniture or fixtures precisely tailored to the dimensions and layout of your specific space. This customisation aspect is especially useful in rooms with unconventional or restricted areas, where off-the-shelf solutions might not fit or make optimal use.

For instance, custom-built cabinets or shelves can be designed to fit perfectly from floor to ceiling, making efficient use of vertical space that would otherwise be wasted. Similarly, under-stair spaces, awkward corners or nooks can be transformed into valuable storage areas with custom joinery.

Custom joinery can also incorporate multifunctional elements to further optimise space. For example, a bed frame with built-in drawers, a window seat with storage underneath, or a built-in desk with integrated shelves.

By closely aligning with the room’s specifics and your individual storage needs, custom joinery solutions can significantly enhance the utilisation of your space.

Our experienced design team carefully considers the current structure, layout, and style of your space, designing custom joinery that complements and enhances these elements.

Whether it’s matching the style and finish of existing woodwork, crafting pieces that fit perfectly within unique architectural features, or creating joinery that aligns with your current design aesthetic, our goal is to create a harmonious, cohesive look and feel.

Ramvek also takes into account practical aspects, ensuring that our joinery solutions not only look good but also improve the functionality of your space. 

From minor adjustments to more substantial repairs, we provide expert care for your custom joinery.

At Ramvek, we offer comprehensive maintenance and aftercare services. Our team is always ready to provide timely maintenance and respond to any concerns you might have post-installation. 

Our Latest Joinery Articles

Our Services

Our range of dynamic services gives us the flexibility to provide tailored solutions for our clients.

Ramvek is Australia’s leading fitout company with diverse capabilities including construction, project management and Australian joinery manufacturing in-house at our 5000 square metre facility.

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