6 Joinery Features to Consider for Your Luxury Retail Fitout

6 Joinery Features to Consider for Your Luxury Retail Fitout

Creating a store that delights your customers with an exceptional shopping experience but also delivers the versatility and storage you need requires careful consideration. Incorporating luxury materials, beautiful yet functional displays and integrating technology are at the forefront of current trends in elevating the customer experience in-store. 

Before starting the process of your next retail fitout, consider our top six recommendations to ensure you create a space that’s on trend and highly functional. 

1. Tailored Display Units

Not all display units are made the same, and making sure you have something purpose-built to showcase your products will set your retail shop fitting apart. Custom display units can incorporate every factor, from how you want your products angled, lit up and spaced to make them truly stand out. 

Material Choices

When it comes to display units, considering your materials should be one of the first decisions you make. Whether you opt for glass shelving to give a floating effect or opt for luxury timber for a more organic look, keeping your displays in line with your overall branding identity will help deliver a cohesive feel. 

Design Versatility

If the nature of your product range is variable, your display units need to be versatile enough to accommodate changes – whether that’s seasonally or weekly. Consider the overall placement of where each product range will be and whether you want to be able to rearrange the entire store in the future when you’re planning your store fit-out. 

2. Integrated Lighting Solutions

Lighting plays an incredibly important role in highlighting your products but also serves to create ambience in your store. Choosing the best lighting includes factoring in both the style of fixtures for your retail space and even the temperature and brightness can play a role in setting the tone. 

Types of Integrated Lighting

Consider the location your lighting will be in. Changing rooms may require more illumination, while the shop floor might benefit from pendant or strip lighting to highlight specific products. 

Cool temperature lights with a blue undertone offer good illumination, clarity, and increased alertness. Warmer lights have a more red or yellow undertone, creating a more cosy and relaxing feel. Considering these factors, along with the colour palette of the rest of your fitout, is imperative in cultivating a cohesive atmosphere in a shopping experience. 

Energy Efficiency

Aside from the customer experience, considering lighting that won’t result in high energy consumption and more costly bills is another important factor. Opting for LED lighting not only uses less energy but they don’t need to be replaced as often either. 

3. Seamless Technology Integration

Technology is at the forefront of all modern luxury retail settings, so considering what kind of devices you need and how they’ll be arranged is an important part of the planning process. Having them integrated into your joinery enhances both the functionality and experience for your customers. 

Digital Screens and Panels

One popular addition is digital touch screens. Whether for processing transactions, checking in for appointments or encouraging sign-ups for brand loyalty programs, consider the size and placement you want to achieve a seamless look. 

Charging Stations

The addition of charging stations in your retail fitout can be a great option, especially if people tend to spend longer periods of time in your store. Not only do they add convenience for customers, but they also encourage longer visits to explore your product range or services. 

4. Luxury Materials and Finishes

The combination of materials in your luxury retail fitout is a major factor in curating a cohesive feel for your customers during their shopping experience. With everything from polished marble, rugged granite or exotic timber to the finer details like brass fixtures and handles, you’ll want to consider both the look and durability of your materials when choosing. 

Material Durability

To maintain the luxury aesthetic and feel of your shop fitout, making sure everything can handle the strain of daily use is important. Nothing detracts from the appearance of a store like chipped or damaged displays and benches, so consider whether your dream countertops can resist the demands of your unique business needs. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Connecting your brand identity with the materials you incorporate is another factor in choosing the right kinds of finishes. For example, consider sleek, polished white marble for modern branding or warmer tones and textures of timber for more naturally oriented brands. 

5. Functional Yet Stylish Storage

Maintaining a slick retail fitout space requires storage. Ensuring you have everything you need to maintain stock levels behind the scenes is incredibly important. 

Pull-out Drawers

Whether they’re on the shop floor to hold extra stock or behind the counter for your most exclusive product range, having ample pull-out drawers is a must.  

Hidden Compartments

For a minimalist store profile that maintains focus on your product or service range, hidden compartments are another wonderful addition. Push-to-open cupboards leave the walls looking clean and slick while adding space for shop floor essentials. 

6. Customer Seating Areas

To make it a shopping experience to remember, there’s an increasingly popular trend of adding plush seating for customers and the people they’re shopping with. 

Material and Upholstery Choices

Opting for high-quality materials in on-brand colours is a wonderful addon when furnishing your completed shop fitting. Choosing fabrics that are comfortable to sit on but also don’t shed and are easy to clean will keep them in the exceptional condition you need in luxury retail settings. 

Placement Strategies

Key placements for sofas and chairs include the changing rooms, waiting areas and spaces where client consultations may take place. They cultivate a more indulgent feel as well as create space for a more personalised experience when dealing with shop staff. If you’re ready to elevate your shop space with a bespoke retail fitout, Ramvek can help. For a personal consultation or any questions, contact our team to find out how we can enhance your shop space.

Ramvek is Australia’s leading fitout company with diverse capabilities including construction, project management and Australian joinery manufacturing in-house at our 5000 square metre facility.

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