What To Expect In A Hospitality Fitout

What To Expect In A Hospitality Fitout

A cafe or restaurant fit out may be undertaken with the goal of rebranding an existing establishment. Alternatively, a fitout may be required when a business owner is planning to convert another type of commercial space to a hospitality environment. Either way, the process takes considerable planning, skill, time, and budget.

Understanding exactly what to expect in a cafe, bar, or restaurant fitout as well as what the end product should look and feel like can help you as a business owner prepare for this process.

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Hospitality Fitout: What To Expect

A successful hospitality fitout tends to involve the following steps:

Are you looking to appeal to patrons in their early twenties, looking for an Instagrammable night out on the town? Would you rather attract an older crowd who want a stylish, quiet spot to enjoy good food, drink, and company? Whatever the case, articulating this will help you make informed design and construction decisions further down the track.


Unsurprisingly, the more time that goes into the planning stage, the more successful the overall restaurant fitout process is likely to be.

Ideally, the work completed at this step will provide you with answers to every question you might have along the journey. Planning can involve establishing timelines and budgets, establishing who your target market is, and identifying whether you need to obtain permits or council approvals. The latter is particularly important if you are looking to renovate a heritage-listed or protected building.


Now the fun can start. The design step is where you can really start to stretch your creative muscles and begin taking concrete steps to bring your vision to life.

While conducting a bar design for a restaurant or cafe is a creative process, it also needs to be approached from an analytical perspective. Who is your target audience and what are they expecting from your establishment in terms of fittings and fixtures? Would they appreciate a feature ceiling or are they unlikely to pay any attention to it? What type of colour scheme will best convey your brand and create your desired aesthetic?

Ramvek’s in-house design team knows exactly what questions to ask and what the answers are likely to be. We have established a reputation for creating inspiring environments that delight and turn one-time customers into weekend regulars, combining the latest trends with established design principles for proven restaurant fitout success.

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Whether you’re planning to alter an existing facility, conduct a facade upgrade, or carry out structural changes, once the design has been dealt with you can move on to construction.

Exactly what this step in the hospitality fit out journey entails will depend greatly on your project and its unique requirements. Establishing these from the get-go will ensure that this stage does not greatly exceed your budget or timeframe, which is always a risk when undertaking a hospitality project.

Ramvek has a long and established history of conducting restaurant and cafe fitouts throughout Australia. Our local knowledge and experience, as well as our extensive team of contractors, project managers, and construction experts, mean your project will be completed to the highest standards.



A hospitality venue — whether it’s a bar, restaurant, cafe, or any other type of establishment, will experience extensive wear and tear daily. Think of it this way — the more popular your venue is, the greater the foot traffic and the more likely you’ll need to engage a maintenance team.

Regular maintenance will ensure your hospitality venue remains in tip-top condition, impressing customers in the same way it did the first day you opened your doors. Maintenance can include work completed by joiners, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, engineers, or painters, depending on your issue.

The truth of the matter is no two restaurant, bar, or cafe fitouts are alike. Each project requires a personalised approach if the business owner’s vision is to truly come to life. For more information and tailored advice regarding your hospitality fitout project, contact Ramvek today.

Ramvek is Australia’s leading fitout company with diverse capabilities including construction, project management and Australian joinery manufacturing in-house at our 5000 square metre facility.

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