Things To Consider When Designing The Perfect Bar Fitout

Things To Consider When Designing The Perfect Bar Fitout

A successful bar thinks carefully about its target audience and tailors every aspect of its space, from seat covers to flooring, to appeal to this market. Whether you’re establishing your first bar or looking to expand your empire by adding another watering hole to your portfolio, Ramvek is here to help you design and construct your dream environment. With extensive experience undertaking restaurant and cafe fitouts of all shapes and sizes, we know exactly what it takes to build an engaging space that reflects your brand and style.

Identify Your Target Market

The first factor to consider when designing the perfect restaurant fitout is your target market. What type of people are you hoping will attend your bar, cafe, or restaurant? Consider all demographic aspects, including age, gender, socio-economic status, and their typical reason for visiting an establishment.

Are you looking to appeal to patrons in their early twenties, looking for an Instagrammable night out on the town? Would you rather attract an older crowd who want a stylish, quiet spot to enjoy good food, drink, and company? Whatever the case, articulating this will help you make informed design and construction decisions further down the track.

Build Your Aesthetic

Think of your favourite restaurant and cafe fitouts. They likely have a very cohesive aesthetic. Even if they have styled their space in a very minimal, monochromatic fashion, this was an intentional choice rather than a default decision.

Consider carefully the types of adjectives you would like customers to use when they first step inside your restaurant, cafe, or bar — inviting, warm, cosy, stylish, edgy, or modern? Plan how you are going to physically transform your space to facilitate this type of reaction.

Consider Comfort

Of course, patrons are unlikely to spend too long hanging around your establishment unless it’s comfortable. From a restaurant fit out perspective, that means ensuring you have plenty of seating available, large tables, accessible pathways, and are able to keep the temperature of the room at an appropriate level.

The more welcome customers feel, the longer they are likely to stay. Comfort should not be prioritised at the complete expense of style but finding the middle ground between these two will result in plenty of happy (and hopefully return) customers.

Prioritise Functionality

Your customers are not the only stakeholders you need to consider. Equally as important is the level of functionality you provide to your bar staff.

If you run a restaurant or bar where customers tend to order very complex drinks — like a cocktail lounge, for example — your bartenders will need to have plenty of ingredients easily accessible to them. Your bar design for a restaurant also needs to offer plenty of room, particularly if you have multiple bartenders working in the same space simultaneously.

Keeping these elements in mind will ensure that your space is functional and enables bartenders to provide customers with a positive experience.

Set A Realistic Budget and Timeline

Finally, set a realistic budget and timeline. While you no doubt want to get your new bar, cafe, or restaurant up and running as soon as possible, an impractical budget and timeline aren’t going to do anyone any favours. What it will do is put undue pressure on your restaurant fit out team, your internal employees, and yourself.

One of the many advantages of working with a professional cafe and restaurant fitout crew is that you benefit from their years of experience designing and building hospitality environments. They’ll be able to use their knowledge to construct an informed budget and timeline and can immediately identify any potential roadblocks that will affect either of these schedules.

Contact Ramvek today to learn more about our portfolio of successful hospitality projects and how we can use our years of experience to construct your dream bar design for a restaurant or other type of establishment.

For personalised advice on how to tackle your next construction fit out from a leading general contractor in Australia, contact Ramvek today.

Ramvek is Australia’s leading fitout company with diverse capabilities including construction, project management and Australian joinery manufacturing in-house at our 5000 square metre facility.

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