How To Plan The Perfect Retail Outlet

How To Plan The Perfect Retail Outlet

Creating an exceptional customer experience will go a long way to building trust and establishing your brand. Not only that, but well-thought-out retail fitouts can actually increase revenue by driving shoppers to popular products or big-ticket items.

Planning the perfect retail outlet doesn’t happen overnight. It takes significant time, knowledge, and experience to maximise your space and come up with innovative and engaging ways to improve the customer experience.

With that in mind, putting your trust in a local, experienced shopfitter like Ramvek is a decision that just makes sense. You’ll have a team of over 60 people at your disposal, including 10 dedicated PMs and an in-house full design team to bring your retail vision to life.

Tips For Creating The Perfect Store Fit Out

As an experienced provider of retail fit outs in Melbourne, here are some of the top tips we recommend for creating the perfect retail environment:

Establish Your Retail Style

Arguably, the most successful stores are those that understand their customer base and outfit their retail outlet in a style that is inviting to this target market. If you’re looking to attract high-end shoppers, everything from your choice of timber flooring to the type of lightbulbs you install needs to reflect this.

By establishing your retail style early in the design process, every decision you make will align with your ideal aesthetic. Ramvek’s team of experienced designers will work with you to build a design that both captures the style and culture of your retail business whilst also maximising your available space.

Maximise Light

A well-lit environment is welcoming and actually boosts your shoppers’ mood. Light can be used to strategically highlight certain products or as a way of conveying a particular style or aesthetic. Whether you’re maximising the position of the sun or making clever use of artificial lighting, be sure to illuminate the aspects of your store that you’re most proud of.

Invest In High-Quality Joinery

In our experience, joinery is often the most important aspect of a store fit out. High-quality joinery — whether solid timber, laminate, or veneer MDF — gives the impression of luxury, which will extend to your products.

Conversely, anything less than excellence will reflect poorly on your merchandise.

Don’t Forget Maintenance

You’ve designed and constructed your dream store fit out — but the job isn’t done just yet. In fact, running the perfect retail outlet is a task that never ends. Your walls, flooring, fittings, and joinery will be exposed to significant foot traffic over the years and maintenance will be required to keep everything in tip-top condition.

Amongst the many advantages of working with Ramvek is access to our network of expert maintenance teams, which include joiners, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, engineers, and more.

Work With A Local Team

While not strictly about the physical fitout of your store, working with a local team ensures you benefit from expert knowledge and experience.

Ramvek’s extensive facilities includes a 5,000m2 local facility, enabling our master craftsmen to make the most of local skills, knowledge, equipment, and resources. We understand what it takes to stand out from the crowded retail industry in Australia and will work with you to construct and design a retail fit out in Melbourne you want to show off to the world.

Planning the perfect retail outlet is a job best left to the professionals. As an experienced supplier of retail fit outs in Melbourne, Ramvek understands exactly what it takes to build a successful retail outlet that establishes your brand and converts interested customers into repeat business. For more information about our approach to retail fitouts, contact the team at Ramvek today.

Ramvek is Australia’s leading fitout company with diverse capabilities including construction, project management and Australian joinery manufacturing in-house at our 5000 square metre facility.

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