Our Story

Ramvek Specialists in Shopfitting

It’s hard to believe that this all started in 1988. Four young guys on the tools, working in a 100sqm factory in the south east of Melbourne. We were the boys from Dandenong. Those were the days before dedicated Estimating Departments, where quoting new jobs was done after hours, when all the joinery manufacturing and fixing work was done for the day. Now more than 30 years later, we’ve been fortunate enough to have grown and evolved with the times. The one thing that has not changed though are our values as a company. We are still just as hard working, we are still humble and most importantly, we still know how to get the job done. .

'We still know how to get the job done'

We are proud to say that we now employ over 60 people locally, and have established a professional ‘end-to-end’ delivery team which includes Administration, Design, Project Management, Estimation, Production & Finance. Complimenting this, we have a world class office & manufacturing facility, including 5000sqm of dedicated joinery production space. Our clients, institutions both local and national and brands big and small, still trust and rely on us to deliver after all these years, and we are proud to associate our own brand with maintaining that excellent level of service that is now the bedrock of the Ramvek name. We’re very proud of our beginnings, and excited about the future.

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