4 Tips On Choosing Office Flooring & Fixtures

4 Tips On Choosing Office Flooring & Fixtures

Believe it or not, the type of office flooring and fixtures you choose for your workspace has a significant impact on how all stakeholders perceive your business, from potential customers to employees. Not only can interior design decisions make or break the productivity of your workers but your commercial fit out can convey a certain message to your clients — either positive or negative.

Unless you’re an interior fit out company, you’re unlikely to have the knowledge or experience to discern exactly how you’re going to convey your company culture and professionalism through office flooring and fixtures. Fortunately, Ramvek is here to help.

As a highly experienced local team, Ramvek specialises in designing and building fixtures that will convey your business in a positive light and cultivate cooperation and collaboration between your team members. Read on to discover our top tips in selecting office flooring and fixtures as part of your commercial fit out.

Consider your brand image

Your office interior presents the perfect opportunity to control how potential clients perceive your company. If you’ve never participated in any type of branding exercise before, now is the time to start thinking about buzzwords you would like to be used to describe your company culture, products and services.

Are you looking to create a modern, edgy reputation? Are you wanting clients to identify you as a highly professional outfit? Would love to be known as a fun, hip place to work? Whatever the case, these attributes can be reflected in your office flooring and fixtures.

Consider, too, whether you have any existing branding you’d like to be worked into the interior fit out. Perhaps your official company colour could be incorporated into the flooring or shelving. These are subtle but proven strategies you can use to create an inviting and polished working environment.

Take Climate Into Account

If you work in a very temperate location, the weather is unlikely to impact your choice in flooring. However, if your office is located in a spot that is particularly hot or cold throughout the year, you should consider the climate when deciding on flooring materials.

Carpeting, for example, is an excellent option for cooler environments as it can insulate against heat loss and reduce your reliance on artificial heating options.

Keep Maintenance In Mind

When choosing both flooring and fixtures, maintenance should be a significant factor in your eventual decision.

Flooring will obviously be subject to significant foot traffic on a daily basis. By choosing a more durable flooring material, you’ll be reducing your long-term costs and increasing the life-expectancy of your floor. Consider, too, how easy it will be to keep your flooring clean. Carpet may look nice but stains may be hard to remove, particularly if you’ve chosen a bright colour.

In relation to fixtures, including desks, cubicles, shelving, lighting, chairs, and more, the type of material used should also be carefully considered. Office fixtures tend to be subject to significant wear and tear through daily use. The cleanliness of these fixtures also says a lot about your business. Pick materials that are durable, sustainable, and can be easily cleaned with nothing more than a damp cloth and a standard cleaning solution.

As experienced commercial interior designers, Ramvek understands precisely what is required to build a workspace that reflects your business in a positive light whilst also facilitating collaboration between employees. For tailored advice and recommendations, contact the team at Ramvek today.

Ramvek is Australia’s leading fitout company with diverse capabilities including construction, project management and Australian joinery manufacturing in-house at our 5000 square metre facility.

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